Artist Spotlight

Our ongoing effort to spotlight notable local 3ds max artists in all fields of industry with their exceptional work and contribution to CG.

Jacques Tege

A not-so-brief history of Jacques Tégé, Jr.   They say an appetite for exploration…

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Andy Gilbert

About me: Like a lot of VFX Artists I was obsessed with building things at a…

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Caius Wong

Who is Caius Wong? A Brief History of Caius Wong Snoopy.  Garfield.  Bloom…

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Vance Miller

Who is Vance Miller? A Brief history of Vance Miller I started building things…

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Todd Daniele

Who is Todd Daniele? Official Todd Daniele bio: At a young age I developed an…

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Joe Gunn

Official Joe Gunn bio: Joe Gunn is a freelance senior visual FX artist &…

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