New York Minutes

Welcome to New York Minutes, our growing video collection of bite-sized tips, tricks and techniques from local artists covering topics from modeling to rendering.  If you would like to share your own New York Minute, click on the “Submit a NY Minute” from the Featured Content menu above.

New York Minutes – Spacing Spans – Todd Danielle

Spacing Spans The Easy Way Master modeler Todd Danielle shares his tips on avoiding…

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New York Minutes – Polar and Ortho Snapping – Shawn Hendriks – Autodesk

Finding and Using the Polar and Ortho Snapping Tools Shawn Hendriks of Autodesk…

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New York Minutes – Looping Animated Noise – Dmitry Prushak

UVW Unwrapping with Xrayunwrap Dmitry Prushak from Bajibot Media shows a technique…

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New York Minutes – UVW Unwrapping – Todd Danielle

UVW Unwrapping with Xrayunwrap Todd Danielle shows how he uses the Xrayunwrap…

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New York Minutes Now Open To Questions

Our New York Minutes were initially intended to be a series of short video tutorials…

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New York Minutes – Faster Poly Selection – Kim Lee

New York Minutes Faster Poly Selections A quick way to select repetitive areas…

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