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Happy New Year all!  Coming off the holidays and the completion of the Xpand event in December we are holding our first meeting event of the year and kicking it off with something that should be useful for anyone working in VFX or Arch Vis, or really anyone who needs to integrate CGI with shot footage.  Long time 3ds Max artist Matthew Merkovich will be our guest speaker.  This will be the last event we hold at the Autodesk offices as Autodesk is giving up their office space in Manhattan.  During the event we will have a brief discussion about the venue options for future meetings/events, talk a bit about how the Xpand event went and how interested Xpand attendees can learn more about working with 3ds Max, and hopefully get an idea of what event content you all would all like to see in the coming year.    

Main Presentation:

How set surveys and 3D tracking can bring the real world into 3DS Max

Joining us this month will be Matthew Merkovich, who will be giving a talk about his experiences doing set/location surveys and camera tracking using Syntheyes to bring into 3ds Max.  A self-taught artist, Merkovich began his career in 1993, and within a year was nominated for an Emmy for “Best Visual Effects in a TV Series or Miniseries” for his work on Fox’s Space: Above and Beyond. Merkovich continued working extensively in episodic television for most of the 1990s, including Babylon Five, Weird Science, VR5, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek Voyager. He also began working in television commercials and feature films.

In recent years Merkovich has honed his artistic skills in the film industry, where he has handled everything from pre-visualization and on-set effects supervision to 3D modeling, animation, match-moving, and compositing in such films as Pleasantville, Event Horizon, Dr. Dolittle 2, Starship Troopers, Driven, Black Hawk Down, Spawn, Frailty, and Minority Report. To be sure, Merkovich’s strong skills and experience play a major role in terms of his ability to expertly handle such a variety of tasks. But playing an equally important role is the primary tool with which he creates his 3D effects: Autodesk’s 3ds Max.


Eat and Greet: 7:00pm

Presentation Start: 7:30 pm.


38 West 21st Street
9th Floor
New York, NY 10011

You must RSVP to attend and if you have not attended one of our prior events, you must also fill out our registration survey online prior to arriving.


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