Local 829 Has New Website For VFX Artists

We’ve all been hearing a lot of talk online and in the media these days about the VFX Townhall movement and the general state of the VFX industry. Several topics have come up from Trade Associations to Unionizing but many of you may not really know exactly how these potential solutions will impact you. Many digital artists may not know that there is already a union here that covers/handles what we do as VFX artists. While only one potential part of the puzzle, our local 829 United Scenic Artists union has put together a dedicated website to help educate any interested artists who want to find out more about the union and what it actually does or can do for them.


As the issues in our industry continue to evolve and various solutions are suggested and explored those of you in the 3ds Max community who work in VFX might want to check out the site if for nothing more than educating yourself about the realities of what the union is and isn’t.


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