Announcing Xpand

Hello NYC 3ds Max User Group members, friends and followers.  While we have not held as many live meetings as in 2015 we have been quite busy planning and launching a very special event for NYC called Xpand.

The goal of Xpand is to raise awareness in young, up and coming artists of the amazing work being done some of the local studios in NYC, and of the opportunities available to them if they add 3ds Max to their artistic skill set. We have gathered studios representing different industries, from Arch Vis to VFX, to have them give short 15 minute presentations of their work, talk about what they look for when hiring artists, and discuss one of their recent projects. We are primarily focusing on inviting students and faculty from schools in the region ranging from High School to University, but freelancers or really anyone working in 3d who does not currently have proficiency in 3ds Max, or is looking to Xpand their network to find work are all welcome.  There are many more details on the Xpand website if you want to find out more.  Ultimately this is an effort to keep the community healthy and strong.

The odd thing on the organizing end is that the majority of individuals we want to make aware of Xpand are actually not the people we usually reach out to, namely current, working 3ds Max artists.  While we are certainly not trying to exclude the latter group from participating in Xpand, what we really do need is for all of you 3ds Max artists out there to help us spread the word to ANY schools you think might be interested or any friends you know who might currently not be using 3ds Max who would like to broaden their employment options.  So Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat away.

Twitter/Facebook/Instagram:  @Xpandevent   #xpandevent


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