3D Printing Craze Gets Organized In New York With 3D Hubs

For all of you 3ds Max artists out there who either have built or bought your own 3d printer or are interested in having your models printed there’s a new network in place that you may find interesting.  Its called 3d Hubs and it is essentially a network comprised of individuals who own 3d printers and a way for people to get their models printed by members of the network.  There are currently over 90 3D printers accessible for 3D printing in New York,  making it the most popular 3D printing community in America.  3d Hubs is currently the world’s largest 3D printing network and now provides 750 million people around the globe with access to a printer just 10 miles or less from their homes.

For those of you who don’t own a printer the process is pretty straight forward.  You visit the site, enter your zip code and choose from a filtered list of local print hubs which are members offering 3d printing services.  Upload your file(s) and pick up your print within 2-3 days locally.   Each local hub member listing includes info like delivery time, startup cost, material options, print resolution as well as customer reviews.

Owners of 3d printers can list their printers for free with no signup costs, 3d Hubs just adds a 15% commission fee on top of your price for each customer quote.  For that 15% 3d Hubs will check the watertightness of the submitted model, handle price calculation and payment procedure. To find out more check them out at http://www.3dhubs.com/

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