Well its been about six months now since the NY 3ds max user group got a big reboot. I’d like to post a bit more on the blog when I have time so here goes. The next event coming up in August is going to be a big one. We have new things planned as a whole for the entire group. In between production, development, & a real life I’ve been trying to fit in time for the user group.

Lots of time and effort I’ve been putting in with Kim Lee to bring more exciting stuff to the group. Please be sure to attend the next event in August if you can. We have some special announcements and probably the best eye candy yet. We have Jesse Holmes to present some great topics. Vray is always welcome and this whole cloud rendering thing is going to be interesting. Hell I have no idea what this cloud is but if I can render my fancy shit to it then I want to know.

Thanks to all of those who’ve been getting involved. The gallery is looking great. Let’s get the NY Minutes to the same level. Don’t be shy share your max tips & tricks!

Visit the site often leading up the the next event to see what we are doing.

Stay Involved!

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