Well its been a few Events now and things are moving along with the group. I’d just like to rant a little bit about getting our users to be involved. The last event had a good amount of user interaction and that was great to see. Don’t be shy at the Events, shout, piss, moan, or whatever you want its your platform and vehicle to do so. It’s all about 3dsmax and the NYC community. The website is growing and so is the membership. We are building an online presence along side a “Real” presence in the real world. It’s getting people together not just for the drinks but for this thing called 3dsmax. We are a group of artists that want to talk geek stuff in this complex 3d realm. So get involved and join the revolution!

On the site you have many ways to involved directly with what we are doing online. You can submit local 3dsmax news, gallery images, hell even submit a New York Minute.

Those that have been attending Events we appreciate it. As you know during the Events we announce things that you only get for showing up in the flesh or in our world SSS-Skin.

Remember this is only the beginning of what is to come!

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