Its been a week since our last event where Michele Bousquet from TurboSquid explained and answered our questions about selling CheckMate Pro certified models on their site. We wanted to find out if your opinion of this has changed. Considering that TurboSquid has pledged support for our group’s future activities based on our community’s participation in their CheckMate Pro initiative, we wanted to get your feedback. Please note that the support pledged by TurboSquid is only based on CheckMate Pro certified submissions and DOES NOT come out of your profits if you decide to sell models with them. For those of you who do decide to make some money and in doing so help the group, please remember to add the text “proud member of NYC3d.org” somewhere in your description text so that it can be counted as coming from our membership.

Post your thoughts here and if you haven’t already done so, take our 1 multiple choice question survey from the link on the main page.


  • kevin03-31-12

    First, thank you to Michele for her presentation as well as TurboSquid for pledging support to the NYC user group.

    As someone that has been selling/buying models on TurboSquid for almost 10 years I am pleased that they are taking the initiative to further advance their quality control. As far as a change of opinion – not really. TurboSquid is the first/only place I trust to find quality assets; CheckMate just reinforces my assumptions.

    A personal tip for my fellow NYC user groupies: sell assets that will be useful to others. As stated in the last meeting, the ArchViz community is extremely prominent in NYC. Most architects/designer who know Max, only know how to extrude and model simple geometry – they are not advanced poly modelers. My top selling assets are furniture pieces – pieces that are difficult for the novice and pieces that architects actually spec in their projects. Everyone in ArchViz models a few pieces of furniture for each project – sell that stuff man! People will buy it, and nothing is better than getting a royalty check in the mail – it is like free money.

  • Kim Lee03-31-12

    Good advice Kevin,
    I’m actually in the midst of practicing what I preach and prepping some models of consumer electronics (samsung bluray player and remote) that I had lying around, but your furniture suggestion is good as I have tons that we have to build when doing previs for building real sets. Just remember to add that little text line in your description so they can track our efforts which can help us negotiate more support for the NYC 3ds max user group. Hopefully all this will result in us being able to provide you and all the members of the group with cool benefits from TS and other vendors that most UG’s can’t provide.

  • kevin03-31-12

    I just made a test submission on TS and applied for CheckMate certification. In the description, one is not allowed to place URLs (eg. “proud member of NYC3d.org” will not pass), so what should we write to ensure the group receives credit?

  • kevin03-31-12

    FYI – When uploading files to TS one is not allowed to place URLs inside the description text (eg. “proud member of NYC3d.org” will not pass). If we write “proud member of NYC3d” will the group receive acknowledgment?

  • Kim03-31-12

    Oops, good catch Kevin,
    Actually it doesn’t have to be our URL,

    Lets just use “Proud member of the NYC 3dsmax User Group”

    The point is that they can do searches on their database for text strings in the descriptions, so when they/we want to see how many submissions were made from our community they can just search for part of that string. Thanks for the heads up. i actually haven’t submitted my first yet so sorry we didn’t catch that before.

  • Kim04-04-12

    Well finally found some time to prep a model(s) for CheckMate Pro certification, actually first time ever submitting. Figured we couldn’t very well ask UG members to get into it if we hadn’t done it ourselves.

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