So Autodesk officially announced 3ds max 2013. If you haven’t checked out the latest list of new features and changes check out http://area.autodesk.com/blogs/ken/3ds_max_2013_announced

So what does everyone think?


  • Joe03-28-12

    Did anyone noticed on Ken’s Blog over on the Area what he wrote on the Max 2013 release? the “Things to watch for”?
    Backface culled wireframe results in low performance
    4 viewports is slower than 1 viewport
    Maximize/minimize viewport is very slow
    Massive number of textures can cause lag (can be fixed by reducing default texture size)
    Large shadowmap can cause low performance (can be fixed by reducing default shadowmap size)

    I wonder how in the past 10 years our Maximize/Min viewport’s have become slow…

  • Vance03-28-12

    I saw that list and was wondering if that was a nitrous thing. On a positive note I did read that they made some changes to slate material editor which are sorely needed. I find slate in its current form to be lacking in some respects. Also good that they improved workflow things like being able to navigate viewport in the middle of some building operations that wasn’t possible before. Would have like to have seen some new stuff in particle flow but understand that some of that will be happening later in the year. Cool that they updated some features of the hair system.

  • Sebastian03-28-12

    Since I purchased 2012 and I don’t see any major breakthrough in 2013 I don’t think I’ll be upgrading. Will wait till 2014 version, maybe this will bring more improvement worth to spend the money.

  • Joe03-28-12

    Your right Vance, being able to draw a spline and continue in the viewport is nice long/years over due.

    Yes its good to see Slate updated as I do like it but a lot of it is just slow. The problem I have is the simple stuff they are killilng. Viewport performance switching now is slow. Did we really need someone to spend development time on making a viewport preset switcher? I could have scripted that in maxscript. Sure it’s nice but come on we need animation improvements not a ghetto time warper which isn’t a time warper just another way to slide keys. I bet its slow a hell when you try to move keys around in trackview with a lot of keys and objects.

    • Vance03-30-12

      Yeah I hear you when it comes to some of the not so needed new features. I’d rather they spent time on making things run faster in general than getting some new buttons.

  • John03-31-12

    I’m interested in the DirectConnect feature. I haven’t been too thrilled with Max’s current ability in handllng AutoCad files now. Since I’m now starting to use Revit I’m looking forward to see how that will work within Max.

    I definitly want to check out the skycolor and HDR with the skylights as I use skylights in my work.

    I also welcome Qicktime support in 64bit and the modeless array dialog.

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